About Our Programs

At Little St Margaret's the children are offered a structured daily routine which provides them with a feeling of security.  Each day involves indoor learning discovery, outdoor learning exploration, collaboration at group times and communal meal times. Due to the needs, interests and personalities of the particular group of children, the amount of time spent in each of these aspects of the program can differ. Flexibility and extended periods of uninterrupted play are imperative to children’s continuity of learning. Each group has their own physical learning environment, so experiences and projects can be left overnight and revisited the following day. Our Educational Programs are recognised as among being the best in Australia.


3-year-old Program

Blue Group is two full days from 9am – 3pm or Green Group is two half days from 9am – 12pm and one full day from 9am–3pm with extended care options. Our 3-year-old program offers:

  • Uniquely small class sizes
  • Opportunity to attend for 2 long days or 2 short days and 1 long day
  • Extended care available Monday - Thursday
  • Individual needs for rest catered for on long days
  • Flexibility of attendance. Parents can choose to increase their child’s attendance by utilising our extended care programs
  • Weekly specialist music class
  • Frequent incursions (special visitors within the program)
  • Speech and language screenings offered (with speech pathologists and occupational therapists)
  • Comprehensive transition to 4 year-old kindergarten
  • Parents kept well informed, occurring through informal chats at the end of each session, e-mailing of weekly reflections and parent-teacher interviews


4 year-old Program

Red and Yellow Groups are 2 full days and 3 half days with extended care options. Our 4-year-old program offers:

  • Intimate learning environment in a beautiful historic building
  • Both groups of 4 year olds are combined twice a week during our Indoor / Outdoor and Park programs
  • Flexibility of attendance
  • Weekly Specialist Programs including Music with a specialist teacher, Library, Letterland Literacy program, Premier’s Pre-school Reading Challenge, Show 'n’ Tell and Park programs
  • Detailed School Readiness and Transition programs, including detailed written Transition Learning and Development Statements at the end of the year
  • Speech and Language screenings offered with speech pathologists and occupational therapists
  • Parents are well informed through learning reflections emailed weekly & parent-teacher interviews
  • Extensive excursions and specialist visitors